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How do I choose the right nail school?

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Back To Top ButtonPosted on:Nov. 26, 2020, 8:08 p.m.

How do I choose the right school? - Market Research

Before any new start at the level of studies or professional rehabilitation, it is necessary to gather information about the subject we intend to choose and the professional area where we will be active. "Market research", as this process is called, is an integral part of the preparation to properly organize our actions for our new goal, with the aim of our professional rehabilitation.

Market Research

The emphasis on detail makes us stand out.

Internet: Is the wealth of information finally disorienting?

Throughout my career and my career path, I have spoken with dozens of future students to understand how and by what criteria they choose a nail school. I am impressed by how confused they are, "bombarded" by an enormous amount of information, that they are unable to understand and therefore cannot analyze, manage and then based on it come to a correct decision. This is something that particularly worries me, creating doubts about whether, in the end, the choices under these circumstances are the right ones.

nail school

Advanced level of infrastructure at Athens Nails Academy.

How well do I know the subject I want to work on?

The nail art profession is quite misunderstood, as, without the right information and awareness, it is considered the "quick and easy professional rehabilitation". Only those who come into direct contact with this field, understand the difficulties but also the high demands of this art.

Nail art: a demanding profession.

Our profession, in addition to other beauty services, is also linked to the relief of clients. Therefore, proper and thorough training for each different problem is essential. There are many areas that we need to know: the physiology and health of the nails, the most common problems, and the methods of dealing with them to improve both the health and the aesthetic image of the nails.
This is where the role of the trainer as well as the nail school that will be selected to offer complete and correct training to the trainees emerges.

nail art

Highly qualified co-workers.

The right steps lead to success!

So let's look at some of the methods that candidates often follow:

1. We often choose a school based on the recommendation of someone we know.
2. Sometimes we do online market research.
3. We also often choose based on the social environment
4. Many times there is a complete lack of information.
5. Sometimes we just trust... our instincts!

Judging from my personal experience, in my very first steps, choosing a program without prior contact with the profession is extremely difficult. We will certainly be flooded with questions, whether we chose correctly, whether we were in a hurry and did not do enough research, whether the effort will really succeed and the professional investment will pay off, and many more doubts. The choice to deal with the field of nail art, a completely new area with which you come into contact for the first time, does seem like a risk….

Yet, if everything is done right, nothing is difficult! Read the following 3 steps and your decision will certainly become much easier!

1. First, we research on the internet if the specific school has an official website. It makes no sense for a serious business not to have an online presence, promoting their services and information about the business [programs, courses, trainers]. The website will give us a "picture" of the school, the courses, the facilities, and samples of the work of the technicians who have graduated.
2. Afterwards, we contact the instructor by phone for individual information, as she is the only one who can answer any questions we may have and answer questions about the nail school [available programs, curriculum, etc.].
3. In the second stage, we should visit the school in person. Here we will have personal contact with the owner-trainer, we will see the facilities, the equipment, the materials we will work on, and of course we will be informed about the program. A necessary step is to see the trainer's portfolio and CV, the years of experience, the seminars she has attended, and her general career path. We also ask to see student projects and their progress.


By following the above steps you will have a complete picture, and you will be much more sure before your final choice!

Σας φάνηκε ενδιαφέρον το άρθρο μας και θέλετε να μάθετε περισσότερα;


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