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How to choose products. Cheap - Expensive. Price - Product Ratio

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Back To Top ButtonPosted on:Jan. 12, 2022, 10:41 a.m.

A technician, from the very first day, enters the world of nail sculpting, has already started to wonder what products to choose or which tools they must buy. 


The products that a technician will choose depend on many factors.


What products should I choose? A well-known brand? Should I start with lower priced products?


There are two categories of professionals:


- The technician who wants to provide a high quality service.


- The technician who wants to have a bigger profit in the service they provide and at the same time they are not interested in quality but quantity.


An important factor in choosing which of the above categories we want to belong to is psychology.

Yes, exactly, psychology. We all need to belong somewhere.

We will guide our client and help them understand what kind of service we offer. 

Thus, our customer feels that they belong to a team that offers a high level of service at all levels, and which is different from the whole.


A good product means good quality materials and good quality service.

In our profession we are dealing with many “chemical” materials, so we must ensure the customer the security provided by our service.

The materials we will use should be hypoallergenic, for example.

We should have investigated that the materials we use are certified.


One of the reasons is that the materials we use come in contact with the skin so they must be safe for any allergies of the customer.

Usually, an allergic reaction is caused by the constant contact of the product with the skin and this, not always, because the specific customer is allergic to an ingredient.

In short, the continuous exposure to the product.

It should be noted that there are also allergic exceptions to an ingredient where these percentages are lower.

But the right is the constant exposure to the product.

So, the conclusion here is that the better quality approved products we use, the safer our customer is.

And here our job is to ensure the safety of our customer.

It is a mistake to think that we can start with cheaper materials and change them over time.

The reason for this is specific all materials have another reaction to times, polymerization, oxygen, ambient temperature and so on.

So, due to the initial inexperience, our hand learns to work on specific products, and it is more difficult to adapt to new materials.


Surely someone will think “I want to try different things until I decide”.

I would say, based on my experience, that it is good to start with a quality product of a good company. 

The products of each company are made based on a specific chemistry and quality.

It is not right to work with products of different companies because that way we “mix” different chemistry.


It is a fact that the word “chemistry” can be quite scary. This, of course, is a big mistake, because everything around us is the result of chemistry, even the air we breathe, or the water.


For example, a technician uses acrylic, gel, semi-permanent nail polishes. 

So, it’s right for the materials to be of a company and a specific chemical composition for a good result.

Image is also a very important factor.

This means that because we are dealing with many materials, the image of a company collection is more aesthetically pleasing, and this contributes to the customer's psychology and makes it much easier to trust the professional.


Also, many customers have certain knowledge, and we are asked many times to explain what each product is, which to some extent is our obligation to do so.


It is certain that our trainer will guide us properly without trying to take advantage of a situation.

A good product will guarantee us a good result and will ensure that the procedure will be easier.  


Of course, we must not forget that there are other factors that play a role in the end result.

One of them is the quality of the technique.


See more on “How to choose a school”


The quality of our products offers security to the customer.

Here comes the question “how much should I charge for my services?”

We sure do a market research first to see how much other professionals and shops

cost their services.

The prices of each service provided differ, how much we cost our service plays a role in what we mentioned above, i.e., what service I want to offer and where I want to belong.

When we start with low cost services and after we have gained experience and we are now more satisfied with the services we provide, then costing our services low, affects us negatively because we are not paid enough comparing to what we offer. 

Raising prices is difficult, because there will be a group of customers who will not welcome this raise, and this does not help our own psychology professionally.

If we believe in what we offer, if we believe in our materials, we have nothing to fear regarding the prices of our service.

We invest in ourselves by gaining knowledge, attending the right seminars, being constantly updated and using the proper materials.


Let's talk about the tools now. 

What drill should I choose? Let's start with a cheap one to do my job.

This is the most common heard sentence by my students.


We can cut costs, but a more economical drill can not perform properly either to the artificial nails or the pedicure.

What (polymerization) lamp should I choose? Let's get a cheap one to do my job.

This is the biggest trap we can fall into.


When we choose a lamp that is quite cheap, we can hence reduce the cost of all the original products that we buy, but this way we do not ensure the polymerization quality of our materials, whether we choose LED or UV. 

Eventually, we have to replace our tools, and, in reality, we will have spent more money.


In order to provide good and safe services, we invest in the acquisition of knowledge but also in the right choice of materials.


Σας φάνηκε ενδιαφέρον το άρθρο μας και θέλετε να μάθετε περισσότερα;


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